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About our FIBARO Wireless Smart Home Training

Smart Home is the technology that allows full control and monitoring of homes and offices, this results in making our living smarter, safer, and more comfortable.

Whether you want to master this technology as a business opportunity or you want to learn it to use it for your personal use, then getting the proper training is a must to avoid mistakes that will cause you money and time.

iHomeFuture is a member of Z-wave Alliance and a distributor of many leading brands in Smart Home and has been providing wireless smart home solutions for more than five years with many projects in Egypt and GCC region.

We have designed our wireless smart home training in a way that combines business skills with technical skills to not only cover technical details but also cover many details related to sales and marketing.

The Three Pillars You Will Master After Attending The Training

Smart Home Sales training in iHomeFuture


  • Compare different smart home solutions in the market
  • Know the features of the products and their unique functions
  • How to help clients determine the functions they need and build a scope that benefits clients.
  • Build an offer and provide clear project plan to customers.

Smart Home Technical Training in iHomeFutre


  • Learn how to design a complete system based on customer wishes.
  • Learn how to add, install devices on the system.
  • Know the parameters of the devices and how to use it
  • Know how to build smart scenarios to combine many functions together.

Smart Home Technical Training in iHomeFutre


  • Know the demand for the Smart Home Technology in the market
  • How to post offers on social media to bring leads
  • Know which segment you want and how to target it
  • Offer Materials to help you in marketing campaigns

Who Should Attend Our Next Smart Home Training

Our FIBARO Wireless Smart Home Training is designed to benefit many categories of professionals, if you fit one of the below then this Wireless Smart Home Training should be a great help along your way.


Business Owners

You own or are part of a business related to technology (IT, CCTV, etc.) and is considering adding smart home services and solutions to your business.

Installing Smart Home

Technology Fan

You are considering installing a smart home in your house or office and fan of learning new skills.

Decoration and Construction

Business Interest

You work in a related field like decoration or construction and need to know how to add the new smart technology to your clients.

Why We Believe This Is The Most Effective Smart Home Training ?


Our instructors are certified in FIBARO systems and Z-wave technology and they provide real-life scenarios based on their practical experience.


Using our FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training systems you will learn how to fully control and monitor sites from a single application


Once you attend the training you become a certified installer for FIBARO systems and start enjoying exclusive prices and support schemes provided only to our certified installers

Covered Topics

The Following topics are distributed over two days of training, the topics designed to provide a complete undesrtanding of the technology, its benefits and how to use the knowledge to acheive business goals.

  • Designing of a Z-wave network for IoT.
  • Building a piratical project using FIBARO gateway and many devices from other vendors for a smart home project.
  • Best practices and use cases for installing smart technology in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and different types of buildings.
  • Points to consider with your project and services to offer to your customers.
    • How to avoid dead spots and weak signals in designing your wireless smart home project.
    • Overview of Fibaro and all Fibaro products.
    • Overview of other Z-wave devices to build your project.
    • How to integrate lights, AC, alarm, audio, and many other aspects for your smart home project under one application.

    • Introduction about smart home technology
    • Comparing wired and wireless smart home technologies
    • Comparing different wireless smart home technologies.
    • Deep analysis of Z-wave technology and its characteristics and features.
    Questions you may need to ask

    We know that you may have many questions to ask so w managed to collect here the most frequently asked questions, in case your question is missing then go ahead and contact us directly, we are always glad to hear from our future partners.

    How long is the FIBARO wireless Smart Home training ?

    The wireless smart home training provided by iHomeFuture sessions are for two days, normally consequences days.

    Is the FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training available online ?

    The FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training is not yet available online, however this is planned in the near future.

    How frequent is FIBARO Wireless Smart Home Training held ?

    The FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training is normally held on monthly basis in Dubai and Cairo.

    What skills I should have to attend the training ?

    Basic electric skills are required, having some knolwedge of basic programming is a plus, it also depends on your role in the business since the training covers sales, marketing and technical roles.

    Is the FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training theoretical or practical?

    The training session are divided between therotical, practical and active discussions, we also cover many live scenarios.

    Which brands and products are covered in the training ?

    The FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training is a Zwave based training, we use FIBARO systems as the core systems, we also cover other solutions to control air condition, locks, audio, lights, etc.

    We cover around six brands from Zwave portfolio, all brands are fully compatible and integrated with our core system.

    How much is the FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training costs ?

    The FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training offered by iHomeFuture cost depends on the location and date, we also provide early bird discounts and group discounts, the training cost is always advertised during the training date announcement.

    How can I register for the next FIBARO Wireless Smart Home Training ?

    to register for the next FIBARO Wireless Smart Home Training provided by iHomeFuture, please follow the instructions near the bottom of the page.

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