Smart Fire Protection

Fire risk is one of the most common threats that scars all of us. Fire can damage every single area and luggage in your house and causes a heavy loss maybe reach lives loss, that’s all because of a little mistake. So, you have to be attentive all the time.

Most of fire protection systems all they can do is to alert you via sirens or any other sound systems to warn that there is a fire, without taking any action. This depends totally on being at home. What if you weren’t there when the fire started to burn? It’s really a pity to come back home and find that there is a disaster.

How many of us get out of the house, then in the middle of the way started to think that he or she forgot the stove or the heater turned on, there is no one else in the house can call him and make sure that you turned all of them off.

How many times that your house hit by an electrical shortcut because of the electrical overload of any device, and you suffered trying to rescue the situation.

Indeed, these are common and repeated issues.

Burnt Wall Plug
Burnt Stairs
Burned house and upset women

Ok, what if I told you that you can turn off the stove or any other device wherever you are? Through our safety sensors and a mobile application you can detect any smoke, and send you a notification, then take actions that prevent any fire to be burnt up.

Moreover, you can turn off any overloaded device that threatens your electrical safety at the right time.

Let’s imagine this scenario together. You get out of your home and forget the stove fired and the pot is boiling. After an hour of being outdoor, the fumes and smoke filled the house, you can imagine what is ready to happen after that. With our system, you can prevent all this because once the smoke sensor detects a certain amount of smoke it can take actions directly through the gateway, such as opening shutters and windows, close the gas valve, give you a notification on your phone to see what happens in your house and take any additional actions if you want, till you come back. So, you can save your home before any bad thing happen.

The level of security of this system is as secure as the systems used in many banks, yet it is affordable and easy to use.

The devices are connected using an encrypted wireless connection so it is almost impossible to jam or hack, it is also using a built-in battery t make sure that the security of the house is not affected even by power failure.

The whole system is connected together so even trying to tamper or hack any part of the system will trigger an alarm, the alarm can be used to alert the house owner, nearby neighbors, the security of the building, or even the local police station.

The system is also flexible that can be used on the whole house or even on specific rooms or offices where you keep your valuable belongings or where your loved ones are residing.

You do not even need to worry about the decoration of the house or the office since our devices come in many colors and even shapes to fit all the modern styles of the decorations available and in most cases, they are so small so you can’t even notice.