Smart Home Wireless Technology

(The Technology That waited For)


“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” – Tim O’Reilly

Smart Home Wireless technology

Seeking the best solution

Customers are asking for a solution to make their homes and offices smart without the need to break walls or make a mess.

They need the flexibility to install devices as they need and to be able to change the location and function of devices as they want.

Smart Home Wireless technology offers the key to flexible and budget-friendly smart home projects, the challenge for many years was to find a stable and secured wireless technology to offer the answer to all our business needs.

After searching for wireless technology to combine stability, security, and large coverage, we came out with the Z-Wave Plus technology.

Z-Wave Smart Home Wireless Technology is the solution to get the flexibility offered by wireless solutions and the security and stability for large smart building projects.

The advantages and benefits of wireless solutions are limitless.

 Smart Home Wireless Technology Finished Houses

Finished Houses

Getting your house or office smart should be your choice and you should be able to take the decision anytime, with our wireless technology you can convert your house to a smart house even if your house is finished, furnished and even if you are already living in

Smart Home Wireless Technology No Wires, No Risks

No Wires, No Risks

Finally you can enjoy the technology with no wires running everywhere, no mess in the house and no need to keep a huge room for your wiring assembly.

Wires also represents many risks like getting electric shocked, wiring assembly this with our wire free technology.

Smart Home Wireless Technology Cost Effective

Cost Effective

When you get a wireless solution you are paying for the devices you need and the solutions you dream of, when you pay for wired solutions you pay almost 30% more since you pay for a chunk of wires and cables, you pay more since installation also takes more time and more labor, you also pay for cables assembly and termination.

Smart Home Wireless Technology

Get what you need

With wired solutions you need to plan everything you need in the future and you need to get it once, this is unrealistic as technology evolves every hour and so our needs, it also represents huge cost that should be paid at once.

With our wireless technology you can start with few devices or few rooms. then you can expand as you go, this represents maximum flexibility and a much more friendly cost.

Smart Home Wireless Technology Move It With you

Move it with you

Moving on is a key in our modern world, you move from a city to a different city or even to a different country, or you move from a house to a bigger one, or from renting to owning.

With our wireless technology you simply pack the devices for the smart home just like packing your staff and you install back in the new home, so your investment and life style is always secured.

Smart Home Wireless Technology Easy Fix

Easy Fix

How about trying to fix an issue with a device where wires are already deep in the walls, finding the issue will be a pain in your back and wallet, then fixing the issue may be more painful than doing a surgical operation.

However using our wireless smart home technology you can find the issue in minutes and you only need to fix or replace a device, it is less costly and definitely less time consuming.

Compare Wired and Wireless Smart Home Advantages