Manufactureres and Brands - Partners for Success

Our portfolio contains a large number of very selected brands and products, we take pride in the level of partnership with our global partners.

Our products shape our solutions and our level of partnership with our manufacturer shapes the total image of our mission.

iHomeFuture was keen to become an official distributor of leading Z-wave brands in the middle east, we work with those partners closely via our office in Egypt and UAE in order to cover the middle east and the whole region with leading Zwave devices,

We look for innovative products with premium quality, stylish design, and complete integration, all products should use a secured infrastructure to provide the most level of security and data protection to all our customers.

We partner with global and international suppliers who share our values, our suppliers understand the value of support and innovation and they help us share the future of smart living in our region.

Below is the list of the approved brands represented by iHomeFuture in Egypt and UAE, the list is expanding rapidly as the technology is evolving rapidly as well.

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