Safety that Keeps your Mind Clear

Your Own Fire Squad in Home

Worries about fire are even worse than the fire itself, reasons that cause a fire in-home use are too many.

Whether you are smoking, cooking, ironing, or using any electrical devices this can easily lead to a fire in a minute.

Now with the Smart Home from iHomeFuture and FIBARO fires can be detected and dealt with in seconds, once the wireless sensors detect smoke or fire then the home will notify you and the fire squads.

Additionally, the home will start all the steps to distinguish the fire and save all your valuables.

Safe Smart Home From Oven Burnings
Baby Sleeping in Safe Smart Home

Safety for the little ones

Offer your little ones the level of safety they deserve, let them sleep quietly while you watch them on your camera.

Once they wake up, our wireless sensors will notify you and the smart system can help them wake up gently.

As they open their eyes the lights will be gently turned on while music can play as well, giving them the perfect wake-up mode they will always remember.

No More Overload or Short Circuits

When devices malfunction then troubles take place, overload can happen to lead to fires or breaking more devices at home.

With the Smart Home from iHomeFuture with FIBARO systems, overloads will be detected once they take place and devices will automatically be switched off while the system notifies you about the issue.

You will also be able to see the behaviour and power consumption of connected devices.

Safe Wireless Smart Home
Climate Thermometer

Climate Control

Smart Gates and shutters

Gates and Shutters