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iHomeFuture the Official FIBARO Distributor in Egypt and UAE

FIBARO Production

The Right Partner

iHomeFuture have been the official distributor of FIBARO in Egypt and UAE since 2017, the partnership was the first in our portfolio and proven to be a very successful one.

iHomeFuture sells and give training for all FIBARO products in Egypt, UAE and most of the gulf countries, we are a certified training partner for FIBARO and we grant companies the certificate to become official FIBARO installers and we can grant them access to FIBARO installer app as well.

Technology and Innovation

FIBARO production takes place in Wysogotowo, just 3 miles away from Poznań. It covers a space of more than 4,000 sqm and that is where we produce all devices from our portfolio. FIBARO Technology Park is equipped with professional and modern production lines which let us deliver solutions acclaimed by the best producers and devices created by FIBARO engineers dedicated to produce and test smart home appliances.


Premium Quality

FIBARO quality span across many aspects, from the design part, where FIBARO products enjoy a stylish modern design makes them fit into your decoration like a diamond among jewels.

The eye catching design and look is only a part of the total premium quality that distinguishes FIBARO products among other products and makes FIBARO products the first choice for customers and interior designers as well.

FIBARO Famous Products

FIBARO extensive portfolio includes most of the devices you need ti build your wieless smart home project, FIBARO is one of the rare companies with such extensive portfolio.

Below is a glimpse of the distinguished products in FIBARO portfolio.

Zwave controllers

FIBARO gateways are the most crucial piece of your smart home system, they are the brain and the core of the system.
FIBARO has two major gateways now, the FIBARO Home Center 3 and the FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite.

FIBARO Modules

FIBARO modules are the magic solution that makes your current home smart without changing the switch, they will be inserted in your current switch box and magically changes it to a smart box.


FIBARO walli are a family of switches that come in black and whie and the cover many switches like light control, shutters and wall plugs, they also have a light LED ring that will change its colors based on the scenarios your choose

FIBARO Sensors

FIBARO sensors are the ears and eyes for your home, they detect temeprature, smoke, intrusion and most of the changes in the house.
Additionally they have impressive design and they do not need any wires.

FIBARO Remotes

FIBARO remotes are the key to control everything from a touch of a device, you can even slide your hand using Fibaro Swipe to control the house using gestures, or carry the control device like the FIBARO Keyfob in your pocket.

FIBARO Intercom

FIBARO Intercom is the revolution in the intercom system, it comes with unique design and super audio / video features.
You can watch and talk to anyone on your door steps even if you are miles away and it integrates with your smart home system to provide limitless features.