Security with No Compromise is Finally Here

A Home that Keeps an Eye on Itself

Your home is the place where you feel secure, you and your family deserves the feeling of security even if you are not at home.

The Smart Home from iHomeFuture keeps an eye on itself, it keeps monitoring undesired motions or opened windows and alerts you instantly if a threat detected.

Thanks to the integration of Zwave and FIBARO systems with surveillance system, our Smart Home can also send you pictures from the camera in order to keep a record of what is going on.

Woman looking on her mobile to check her secured home
A thief trying to enter a secured home

Advanced Wireless Intrusion Detection

Smart Home from iHomeFuture is using wireless technology to provide the best intrusion system detection in the world.

Zwave is a Wireless Technology which is encrypted and can’t be hacked, also intrusion detection sensors are wireless and work on battery.

There are no wires to cut in order to disable the system, even if power fails, the system will still function, and intrusion can be detected.

Wireless sensors with built-in battery can alert security forces and neighbors about the intrusion, with our security system burglars will avoid passing by your home.

You Hold the Key in Your Mobile

With the integration of smart locks and smart intercoms, the Smart Home from iHomeFuture is an advanced vault.

The intercom will alert you about people on your doorsteps even if you are far away, you can talk and watch them as well, you can also allow them access by opening the integrated smart lock.

iHomeFuture Smart Home uses the most advanced security devices from FIBARO and other vendors with full integration with the Zwave protocol to offer you the security levels that were offered to banks and other high-security facilities.

Man watching the courier via mobile from his secured home
Climate Thermometer

Climate Control

Smart Gates and shutters

Gates and Shutters

Smart Lights


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