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KNX Certified Courses approved by KNX Association

About our KNX Training

Smart Home is the technology that allows full control and monitoring of homes and offices, this results in making our living smarter, safer, and more comfortable.

KNX is a standardized communication protocol for building automation systems.
KNX was developed in the 1990s as a merger of three existing building automation protocols: the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), the BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB).

KNX allows for the integration of multiple systems in a building (e.g. lighting, heating, ventilation, security, etc.) into a single, unified control system. This can improve energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience for residents..

The KNX Basic course is the first course that one must attend in order to become a KNX Partner and to be listed as a KNX Partner on the KNX Association website.

iHomeFuture as a certified KNX partner and training center offers the full range of KNX trainings via our office in Egypt and UAE.

The course covers essential topics to build your KNX professional knowledge, it covers theoretical parts and practical parts.

Once you pass the exams of the course you become an official KNX partner, you also get a voucher of discount that can be used on KNX Association Website.

KNX Training

Why should you take the KNX certified basic training course with iHomeFuture?

  • The training is totally approved and organized by KNX Association.
  • We use the approved KNX training material from KNX Association.
  • Provide additional topics to serve the practical need including real project examples and best practices.
  • The training is using approved training kits from the KNX association.
  • The course is provided by a certified KNX tutor with many years of experience in the field of smart homes.
  • We use multi-vendor training setups to demonstrate to students how to work with many brands at once.
  • We provide a collection of questions to help you pass the theoretical exam with ease.
  • The course contents and schedule is designed in order to utilize students’ time in the best way possible.
  • iHomeFuture certified KNX Training provides a blend between theoretical studies and practical actions to simulate real projects in real life.

Why We Believe This Is The Most Effective KNX Training

Our instructors are certified from KNX Association and they have many years of experience in smart home technology hence, they provide real-life scenarios based on their practical experience.

Using our KNX training you will soon become a part of the global community of KNX partners and become certified from KNX association.

We designed the course in a way to merge practical experience with the theoretical part to mater the industry.


Exam passing is guaranteed

We stress on important topics during our theory and practical parts, we put you in practice for many times to master the exercise and we provide you with many questions that cover all the exam parts in order to make sure that you pass the exam with flying scores.

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Questions you may need to ask

We know that you may have many questions to ask so we managed to collect here the most frequently asked questions, in case your question is missing then go ahead and contact us directly, we are always glad to hear from our future partners.

What is KNX ?

KNX is a communication protocol that is used for home and building automation. It was developed by the KNX Association to allow multiple devices and systems to connect to each other via a single network. Because KNX is an open standard, it is supported by a large number of manufacturers and installers. It is utilized to combine and manage building features including lighting, heating, cooling, and security systems.

What is ETS

ETS (Engineering Tool Software) is a software application for configuring and programming KNX devices and systems. It is the primary tool for KNX installation and is designed to make the process of setting up a KNX network as simple as possible. Integrators can use ETS to set up devices, establish communication between them, and create automation scenarios. It also includes a number of diagnostic and testing tools to check that the KNX installation is functioning properly. The KNX Association created and maintains ETS, which is used by professional installers and system integrators all around the world.

KNX without ETS

The software used to configure and programme KNX devices and systems is known as ETS (Engineering Tool Software). While ETS is the primary tool for KNX installation, a KNX system may be set up without it by using alternative tools or configuring the devices directly. However, this method may need more technical skill and may be more time consuming than utilising ETS.

How long is the KNX Certified Basic Training ?

The KNX-certified basic Training provided by iHomeFuture is more than 30 hours covering almost 4 days.

Is the KNX certified Basic Training available online ?

The KNX Basic Training from iHomeFuture is divided into two main parts, the theory part which can be available online via zoom (recorded), and the practical part which is available online but is recommended to have it on-site in order to guarantee the hands-on experience part.

Where the KNX certified basic Training is held?

We hold the trainings in our office in UAE and Egypt, we also support other countries via holding the training online (with a alive stream and IP router) to ensure the hands on experience as well.

Is the FIBARO Wireless Smart Home training theoretical or practical?

The training sessions are divided between theoretical, practical, and active discussions, we also cover many live scenarios.

Is there an exam after the KNX certified Basic Training ?

According to the KNX Association mandate, there are two exams, the practical one is to be held onsite after the end of the training and the theory exam is to be held directly online with the KNX Association portal.

How can I register to attend the KNX certified basic course?

to register for the next KNX certified basic course, you can use the contact us page or drop as a mail on with your details and we will get back to you within 24 hours