iHomeFuture Partners’ Policy

Here we can state that our main aim is not only selling you our products but to widen our market and target new segments through building a trustful business relationship with you to reach the customers and to go in win-win situation to change the mindset of people about Smart Home Solutions.

What Solution does iHomeFuture provides?

iHomeFuture is the leading company in Wireless Smart Homes, since 2016 we have been providing products and solutions to companies and individuals.

We deal with the elite brands for Wireless Smart Home using the Zwave protocol which is the most stable and secured protocol for wireless home automation.

What are the main brands you are working with?

iHomeFuture is a distributor and expert in many brands to provide complete and integrated Wireless Smart Home, some of our brands are FIBARO (EU), Salto (EU), DoorBird (EU), Autonomy (EU), and many more.

Our portfolio is increasing each month and we cover the distribution and support network through our office in UAE and Egypt.

Why is the new partnership model (Resellers)?

The new partnership model is made to support the following goals:

  • Faster and better support for the increasing demand on our solutions.
  • Position our official partners in terms of location and solutions they provide.
  • Empower our official partners to cover more business opportunities and support major projects.

Our partner is the main key factor in reaching new segments, interfere with new markets, and help us in our processes to deliver our technology message to the customers.

Who can be an official partner?

The official partner is any company that is willing to invest some resources to become an official partner, the type of official partner depends on the resources the partner is willing to dedicate.

What are the types of the official partners?
  1. Official certified installer with the focus on installing and supporting wireless smart home clients, their focus is in providing professional services.
  2. Official resellers, they can provide professional services (installation) and they can also sell products to individual (end users) and to installers as well.
What is the difference between Resellers and Installers?
  1. The Official Installer is the one who attends our training to be able to install our systems to the End Users and enjoys more facilities and special prices.
  2. The Official Reseller must be a company and have a showroom to introduce the products in the best the suitable way, must have stock to sell to the Installers and End Users, having a website is preferable, enjoys more discounted prices more than the Installers.
What is the advantage of becoming an official partner?

Depending on your type of partnership you can enjoy some or all the following benefits:

  • Many types of technical support and training for your teams include theoretical, practical, and on-site.
  • Sales and marketing training and guidelines to help you establish a strong brand.
  • Support in building your showroom to provide a practical live experience to your clients, also there is the possibility to use our showroom to showcase the solution to your clients.
  • Discounted prices for products and solutions.
  • Direct support from us and our global partners by providing your company with sales and project leads.
What we can reach together with this policy?

So, each of us will help the other to reach customer satisfaction and go hand in hand to achieve success that we are seeking.

I’m interested, What is the next step?

You can contact us via the following form, we will get in touch with and organize a meeting to discuss more details and start the cooperation.