“Z-Wave Plus is currently the only ecosystem providing the security, coverage, compatibility and stability crucial for a successful implementation of smart homes and related IoT projects.”

Z-Wave Wireless Technology

You’ve made it home, let Z-Wave make it smart

Z-Wave is the leading wireless technology behind many of the secure, trusted brands that are working to make everyone’s home smarter and safer. With Z-Wave, smart home products can communicate with each other no matter what brand or platform they are built on using a central smart hub.

With over 20 years in the marketplace, Z-Wave technology has an extended range and best-in-class security measures to keep your home network smarter AND safer.

The Z-Wave protocol is an interoperable, wireless, RF-based communications technology designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments.


Unlike most other technology platforms for the smart home, Z-Wave has been around for over 20 years. Not only does this mean Z-Wave has been testing, reinvesting, and revolutionizing smart home tech

Mesh Network

Z-wave is a mesh technology which means that devices are repeating the signal to the next device, not only that but also Zwave network will have many routed to send and receive data from the main hub to any devices, so in case of a failure in a device the network will still be able to communicate to other devices, this allows less failure in Zwave networks while providing a stable and large network coverage

RF Frequency

Z-wave uses a dedicated RF frequency, typical Zwave EU is using 868 MHz, which makes signal travel more and penetrates walls and barriers in a more efficient way.

The lower band of frequency also has zero negative effect on health, making Zwave the chosen technology for homes and offices.

Huge Coverage

Combining mesh-type networks with RF low frequency made the coverage of the Z-Wave network much larger than most of the wireless technologies in the market.

Also, the design of Z-Zave allows hubs to communicate in a tree hierarchy (master / slave) this allows multiple Zwave network to communicate together as one entity, allowing coverage of complete buildings as one network.

Military Grade Security

Security is one of the crucial points when it comes to wireless technology, Z-Wave was build using this in mind, as devices communicate with each other using AES security.

Currently Z-Wave Plus is using 265 AES encryption technology, this is the same technology the online banks are using and many military systems are using, making Z-Wave the most secured systems nowadays.

Power Efficency

You can't have a true wireless system if you still need to connect power cables to your devices or changing batteries every few weeks.

Z-Wave was designed from the core to require minimum power, Z-Wave devices communicate with each other using specific techniques that requires minimal power, this allows Z-Wave sensors to use small batteries that last for two years or even more.

Ensured Compatibility

Z-Wave is an ecosystem which is supervised and founded by the Z-Wave alliance.

There are more than 300 manufacturer for Z-Wave, allowing millions of Z-Wave products and devices to work together, while Z-Wave Alliance makes sure that all those devices are strictly compatible together and using tee the strongest security as designed.


About Wi-Fi as an IoT technology

Wifi is the most famous wireless protocol with huge compatibility and low cost devices, however it was not designed to be an IoT protocol and it is not suitable for smart home projects.

It can be used for very small projects and very limited uses, mostly for single devices with limited integration and with huge dependency on cloud based apps.