VITRUM Design Launch

Friendly Atmosphere

Attended by experts from many fields related to smart home and building intelligence, VITRUM launch hosted a mix of system integrators, interior designers and real estate developers.

One thing managed to grab attention of everyone in the event, it was the innovative design of VITRUM Design products and how it manged to supply the demand of uniqueness needed by the modern smart home community in Egypt and UAE.

Smart Home Lights In Kids Room
Smart Home Lights in Cinema Room

VITRUM Design Explained

It was a privilege to hear about VITRUM Design from Riccardo, one of the co-founders of VITRUM.

He took us through a journey since the founding of VITRUM in Italy and how the magic of VITRUM was born.

It was amazing to see how VITRUM products share an innovative technology that matches its amazing designs and to see the variation of products offered with different functions, look and made.




Beyond Smart Home

The event featured a a presentation from Wesam, one of the founders of iHomeFuture in UAE and Egypt.

He talked about how the smart home satisfies a large demand to improve standard of living in the region, he focused about safety and security aspects which help in saving lives.

With many examples from the region like automated mosque to save energy and smart home ready projects, it was clear to the audience the crucial role played by smart home technology in the region.

Woman Control Smart Home System With One Click