Official Dealers and Resellers

Expand your reach and business potential, become and official dealer

Reach out for more opportunities

Official dealers or resellers are the most advanced and powerful smart home provider in the market, they enjoy a lot of benefits and they reach much more business opportunities.

While integrators are mostly targeting consumers and may be small to medium projects, official dealers are equipped to target larger projects as well as system integrators.

Official dealers enjoy the same benefits that integrators get, additionally they also enjoy more benefits and advantages to allow them to target larger segment of projects and to be able to support those projects in  much efficient ways, this ensures that they also have a better profit margin and be able to reach more heights.


FIBARO Production

We give you the tools and empower you for the new heights

Being able to support not only consumers (B2C) but also other integrators and industies (B2B) means better profit margin and more sales, it also mean the ability cover bigger projects.

To reach that we tailored a more aggressive bundle of support for our official resellers, below s a summary of such benefits.

More discounts

Official resellres enjoy a discounted price list for all our products,even more discounts than system integrators.

This allows them to be able to sell to more companies and enjoy better profit margin.

Adavnced support

Official resellers get advanced training to allow them to handle more projects and circumstances.

We simply help them become a the best they can be in such business.

Exclusive benefits

Offical resellers enjoy being on our manfacturers web site as the prferred dealers, they also receive leads from us related to consumers and projects, finally we only allow very limited number of resellers in each region.

Business representation

To make sure you have the ability to present the business in your region and to make sure that you reach the targeted customers we ask you to equip your business with the needed tools like having an equipped showroom and qualified team.

You can always check our partner’s policy section to know more, or you can drop us a message below and will come back to you