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Our Products come with a very premium design and high quality that fits any decoration in your house.

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Our Devices are easy to install, flexible to upgrade, with no need to break walls or change decoration.

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We Provide training in the latest technology of Wireless Smart Home and How to deal with it .

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Our Solutions use the most leading protocols in the Wireless Automation market.


When it comes to wireless home automation and smart city then iHomeFuture is the right expert.

iHomeFuture business model is based on B2B partnership, we support other companies with training, support, products, etc.

iHome Future is expanding vastly in terms of technology-supported, global technology partners, and countries supported.

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Smart Home System Is The Most Effective Upcoming Technology

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Why Smart Home?

  • With  smart home automation system, you can control your home and be able to keep all of the technology in your home connected through one interface.
  • Smart home system is flexible and adaptable to add new devices and appliances step by step.
  • You can maximize your home safety and security, and keep an eye on your home wherever you are.
  • Moreover, you will enjoy more accessibility to monitor your power consumption for each electrical device in your house.

Why Wireless Smart Home?

  • NO cables or wires needed, your house will be smart without breaking walls or messing the decorations.
  • Wireless means short installation time and also simple to install and change or upgrade.
  • Goes with your needs and your budget, you can start with parts of your home now and increase later as you go.
  • Wireless is more flexible than wired. You can move any device wherever you go, whether you change your accommodation or want to change the scenario from one room to the other.
Mobile Wireless Smart home
Is Smart Home System worth it?

The most comfortable, safe, and secured thing you can do at your home, is to automate it in order to interact with it. In this era of rabid life and the growth of technology, all people will go ahead towards automation systems to make their lives easier and secured.

Is Smart Home System Complicated to use?

As Smart Home System was designed to make lives of people more easy and comfortable, So, for sure it is easy to use.

Do I have to break walls or punch holes in my house to install Smart Homes System?

No need to break walls or punch holes in order to install a Smart Home System, because all of our devices are wireless. So you will avoid this hassle of wired systems.

Does Smart Home Technology applicable only at homes?

Smart Home System doesn’t mean that this system is applicable only at homes and apartments, but it is also applicable in corporates, offices, and factories as well.

Do I need wires for Smart Home Installation?

No need for any kind of wires at all. All of our devices are wireless.

Is Smart Home system affordable?

The most advantage of Smart Home System is that it is affordable and available to start with specific devices and solutions, then you can upgrade whenever you want. According to your budget and need you can install and design.