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iHomeFuture an Official HELTUN Supplier in Egypt and UAE

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HELTUN takes the pride of designing the future of smart homes.

HELTUN stylish devices were engineered to control many different types of lighting and air conditioning units while providing uncompromising style and user experience.

iHomeFuture sells, supports and gives training for all HELTUN products in Egypt, UAE and most of the gulf countries.

The quality and design of HELTUN products are a corner stone now for any modern smart home projects supported by iHomeFuture.

HELTUN – The Future of Smart Home

Big things are underway at HELTUN.

HELTUN is continously working on improving integration with other brands, HELTUN is now fully compatible with market leaders like FIBARO, HUBITAT and ComfortClick.

HELTUN offers many services related to end user experience like extended warranty, bonus rewarding system and online support.

iHomeFuture is offering HELTUN systems and devices via our installers and directly from our retail or online shops.


Much Needed Blend of Products

HELTUN managed to pin point very specific blend of products and position them in the core of any modern smart home system.

The eye catching design and look of the pack is the first part that will catch your eyes and will only be exceeded by how the products look and function.

The stylish design with well crafted ages and finishing and variety of colors ensures that HELTUN products will always have a location on your walls

HELTUN products also enjoy a practical and versatile group of functions that makes them function in many roles.

HELTUN Zwave Plus v2 Certified Products

HELTUN Thermostat

HELTUN thermostat is a powerful, efficient and well designed FCU Zwave thermostat, it is the thinnest and most stylish thermostat in the market.With many internal sensors, a variety of input and output signals, built in scheduling functions and a large LCD screen, HELTUN thermostat managed to prove its superior quality and design among other brands.

HELTUN Touch Panel Switch

HELTUN Touch Panel Switches comes with variety of colors and number of buttons, it is the first touch panel that comes with 5 buttons in the same standard size.

HELTUN switches enjoy an advanced zero-cross technology, dry contacts and 5 A load per channel, it works to control a variety of devices and not only lights.

HELTUN High Load Switch

HELTUN High Load Switch is the most innovative high load solution in the market, it comes with a small size to fit easily.

HELTUN high load witch comes with the advanced zero-cross technology, a load of 16 Amp it is equipped to control many types of loads like heaters, kettles, irons, etc.

HELTUN Relay Switch Quinto

HELTUN Relay Switch Quinto is the first realy module that comes with 5 channels, each can take up to 5 Amp and all enjoys the advanced zero-cross technology.

With a small size to fit easily and with many inputs / outputs, the applications of the HELTUN relay switch quinto are beyond limits.