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Recognizing that shaping the future will not be done by one organization, group of people or country, iHomeFuture Innovation takes an smart approach by offering variety of partnership models to enrich the smart home industry worldwide.

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Smart home and smart building solutions are becoming a crucial part in our lives, with such potential to shape a better future, iHomeFuture realizes that building partnerships with related industry leaders is the key to reach huge goals.

iHomeFuture offers wide variety of partnership with related industry professionals, all industry professionals will enjoy the following benefits to offer to their clients:

  • A blend of leading products covering many of the large aspects of smart home and building automation solutions, our portfolio of products is increasing to cover and offer more solutions.
  • We offer special prices to our partners to help them reach mo clients and win more projects
  • A rich content training sessions and training materials, iHomeFuture training is crafted and tailored carefully to cover the important topics required by each type of business partner.
  • Levels of support from iHomeFuture’s professional teams, we believe that sometimes new roads need to be paved ahead, this is why we designed many types of support covering all the needs from our partners, depending on the project nature and the client requirements.
  • Reference list with project done by our professionals worldwide where iHomeFuture was supervising, this way you can enjoy an experience gained over many years and covering many applications related to smart homes and building automation.

To learn more about our insights for each category of business partners and feel free to fill in the below form and our professionals will get in touch with you and answer or discuss any question you might have.