Become the Smart Home Expert (System Integrator) that your customers need by working with iHomeFuture

FIBARO Production

We change challenges to opportunities

Today’s’ system integrators are experts in many fields, they should be able to handle and offer complex solutions to clients.

An expert system integrator should have knowledge and experience in many fields like WiFi, Audio, Video, Low Current, CCTV, and many other technologies and skills.

In order to do that you need to attend training, bring samples, build showrooms and labs, additionally you need to bring products to your customers at a competitive price so you have a decent profit margin.

Bearing in mind that Smart Home technology is practically new and is getting a lot of demand from customers, as a system integrator you can’t afford to offer smart home solutions to your customers.


Tailored solutions for professional integrators

Knowing the challenges that a system integrator might face, we build and tailored our business model to address those challenges and convert them to an opportunity.

Our experts and solutions will get you up and running with smart home technology in few days.

We tailored our solutions to support system integrator, whether you have a new company and trying to save resources or you need to make a big impact in the market.

Our solutions will also support your clients from many market segments.


Providing what your clients wishes for

Knowing the challenges of system integrators and combining them with our studies concerning the needs of modern day custmers, we are proud to offer wide variety of services exclusive to our system integrators.

Below is a glimpse of the main services that we offer to our system integrators, and in case you wish to add something then please let us know how to support you better.

Elite Selected Products

We are commited to quality, in terms of performance, integration and design.

We have gathered a perfectly integrated group of brands and together, tested them and offered them to you in a competetive exclusive discounted price.

We have your back

Support is a key success factor with new technolgies, not only technical support but rather an extensive support in all phases of project.

From seeking projects to winning them and to support all after sale support activities, our experts will be happy to guid you, help you and provide similar references and business cases as needed.

It starts with knolwedge

Getting trainied is a must to join our system integrators network, this how we make sure that you do have the knowledge to start the journey as an expert.

The training will cover many of the aspects related to smart hme solutions and will give you the confidence and experience to master new projects.

Seeing is believing

Your clients need to see and feel the solution, they need to test and get a tatse of what you are offering.

This is why iHomeFuture is proud to offer you a stae of art experince center or show room, where you can bring your customers and offer them a complete induljing experience for a future smart home.

Project reservation

Getting a remarkble project is a long journey and we are here to help you with thatas well.

If you are seeking a project with extra ordinary benefit (in terms of money or market value), we will be glad to help you reseve this project with our suppliers, we will also support you during the whole journey dpening on the project at hand.

A bigger community

It is not a future for solo players rather it is the future for team players, iHomeFuture is dedicated of building a community for our isntallers where they share probles, issues and ideas.

Not only sharing experience but also gathering in projects where each integrator can reach out to get a hand from another integrators with more experience or extra resources.