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Why Choosing to work with iHomeFuture?

From the launch of our company we had a clear vision in mind and from this vision and mission we started  crafting our strategies.

Then year after year we kept polishing our strength points and adding more skills and solutions, we aimed to be the best smart home technology provider in the middle east and we are on our way, getting closer to this target each day.

Let us have a look on our unique benefits and strength points, let us try to answer the question of why choosing to work with iHomeFuture.

Technology Experts

We do not settle for good as we strive for greatness, iHomeFuture focused on the best technology in wireless smart home technology, with great emphasis on training and support

Wireless Technology Expert

Wireless technology offers the key to flexible and budget friendly smart home projects, the challenge for many years was to find a stable and secured wireless technology to offer the answer to all our business needs.

With wireless technology smart homes you can start your installation at any time, no worries about cables or wires or the risk coming with them.

Wireless Smart Homes aare budget friendly and easy to install and fix,

Zwave Technology Experts

Z-Wave is the leading wireless technology behind many of the secure, trusted brands that are working to make everyone’s home smarter and safer. With Z-Wave, smart home products can communicate with each other no matter what brand or platform they are built on using a central smart hub.

Zwave wireless technology is the most stable, secure and power efficient technology in the market designed for IoT and smart home projects, with over 300 manufacturers developing solutions and products integrated and compatible with each other.

A Foundation of Partnership

Recognizing that shaping the future will not be done by one organization, group of people or country, iHomeFuture Innovation takes an smart approach by offering variety of partnership models to enrich the smart home industry worldwide.

Variety of Partnership models

Smart home and smart building solutions are becoming a crucial part in our lives, with such potential to shape a better future, iHomeFuture realizes that building partnerships with related industry leaders is the key to reach huge goals.

iHomeFuture offers wide variety of partnership with related industry professionals, all industry professionals will enjoy the many benefits to offer to their clients, like sharing our show room, exclusive discounts and many levels of support.

Emphasis on Training

Whether you want to master this technology as a business opportunity or you want to learn it to use it for your personal use, then getting the proper training is a must to avoid mistakes that will cause you money and time.

We have designed our wireless smart home training in a way that combines business skills with technical skills to not only cover technical details but also cover many details related to sales and marketing.

Putting Customer First

It is all about the customer needs and wishes, we designed all our business strategies to offer customers a unique experience, where they enjoy the advantage of living smart and safe.

Unique Blend of Barnds and Products

iHomeFuture was keen to become an official distributor of leading Zwave brands in the middle east, we work with those partners closely via our office in Egypt and UAE in order to cover the middle east and the whole region with leading Zwave devices,

We look for innovative products with premium quality, stylish design and complete integration, all products should use a secured infrastructure to provide the out most level of security and data protection to all our customers.

A Smart Home Like no Other

Having a smart home in longer a luxury as the recent days showed us that a healthy house is not a luxury, a smart home is not only about comfort but it goes a long way to provide safety and healthy living.

It is why we managed to bring and tame the technology to make sure that you have the house that offers your needs, our solutions are tailored to provide you, your family and your business a set of solutions like no other where we focused on providing our customers a set of unique solution.

Years of Experience in Smart Home Technology


Trained Installers and Business Partners / year

Brand and Technology Partners


iHomeFuture supports the modern community by providing our partners with the latest Wireless Smart Home Technology in the market.


We strive to upgrade people’s mindset about Smart Home Technology and apply it in their houses to improve their lifestyle in a more comfortable way.