Home Power and Bills Saving

Expensive electricity bills are a nightmare. Electricity high power consumption which leads to a high cost is one of the big issues that all of us suffer from.

Simple and repeated behavior such as forgetting to turn on devices, using devices that consume high power, hypernet devices, and overloaded wires, may lead to a very high and expensive electricity bill.

How far you try to reduce this cost but you almost failed! This obliged you to keep an eye on every single device. To turn those which you don’t need for, or try to reduce others load.

All of us may turn the T.V off but let the plugin the socket, this already consumes electricity. All the time we use electronic devices that use high power consumption such as irons, refrigerators, wash machines, dryers, air conditioners and so on. For sure all these devices consume electricity all the time.

All that you can do is limit your consumption or buy LED bulbs that save energy and power. But using our system allows you to monitor the amount of electricity used by home devices.

Home Power Bills
Upset from Home Bills

Let’s imagine this scenario which is usually happening with all of us. You go outdoor and let the bulbs or the air conditioner on, or you fell asleep and didn’t turn the TV on, you moved from one room to the other one without turning the devices of the first room off. All these cases repeatedly happen, what if I told you that our devices can deal with all these cases themselves without any action from your side, such as when you go outdoor, our sensors can detect that you are no longer here and turn off all the home devices or some of them that you selected before. When you move from one room to the other, one of our devices such as the motion sensor can detect that you left the room then turn the bulb, TV, and air conditioner off.

An additional thing we can assure that most of our sensors and devices measure and monitor the amount of consumed electricity.

Fibaro Power Saving
Fibaro power saving

The level of security of this system is as secure as the systems used in many banks, yet it is affordable and easy to use.

The devices are connected using an encrypted wireless connection so it is almost impossible to jam or hack, it is also using a built-in battery t make sure that the security of the house is not affected even by power failure.

The whole system is connected together so even trying to tamper or hack any part of the system will trigger an alarm, the alarm can be used to alert the house owner, nearby neighbors, the security of the building, or even the local police station.

The system is also flexible that can be used on the whole house or even on specific rooms or offices where you keep your valuable belongings or where your loved ones are residing.

You do not even need to worry about the decoration of the house or the office since our devices come in many colors and even shapes to fit all the modern styles of the decorations available and in most cases, they are so small so you can’t even notice.

Once the alarm is triggered it can’t be stopped or silenced until entering a security code from only authorized persons.