House and Office Protection from Theft

Getting your house or office rubbed is a one of the risks we are facing every day, a thief can find many ways to break into your house, they can break locks or use open windows and they can do that in few minutes.

The current door locks are not that hard to break, there are many ways to break the locks or even pick them with a less messy way.

The sad fact is that internet is full of ways to break and pick locks, even the tools used are sold online!

burglars breaking into the house with a crow bar
thieves breaking into the home

Cameras are essential in protecting your house or office, the problem that you need someone monitoring the camera all the time to spot danger otherwise it will not help in preventing the accident.

Thieves now can spot cameras and they normally wear a mask so the recordings of the camera are sometimes not that useful.

Many of us thought that such situations will not happen to them until they come home finding the front door broken and facing the loss of their important papers, savings or sometimes their lives.

thieves noticing cameras
Breaking Door

Our Smart Solution

Our smart alarm system which is part of the smart home/building solutions will help you avoid this situation and will protect your house and office in a smart way.

Our solution will alert you if any door or window is opened or if there is any movement in any area of your house, you can get notified on your mobile if there is any alert in the house.

By placing small sensors (detectors) on any desired door / window you be able to monitor and check this door / window status, you can also place detectors to detect motion in any desired room or office.

In case the door or window gets opened (breached) you will get notified on your mobile and a siren will be activated with a sound alarm to notify any one around.

Automation System Notification
Fibaro Motion Sensor Alert
Fibaro Motion Sensor Alert

The level of security of this system is as secure as the systems used in many banks, yet it is affordable and easy to use.

The devices are connected using an encrypted wireless connection so it is almost impossible to jam or hack, it is also using a built-in battery t make sure that the security of the house is not affected even by power failure.

The whole system is connected together so even trying to tamper or hack any part of the system will trigger an alarm, the alarm can be used to alert the house owner, nearby neighbors, the security of the building, or even the local police station.

The system is also flexible that can be used on the whole house or even on specific rooms or offices where you keep your valuable belongings or where your loved ones are residing.

You do not even need to worry about the decoration of the house or the office since our devices come in many colors and even shapes to fit all the modern styles of the decorations available and in most cases, they are so small so you can’t even notice.

Once the alarm is triggered it can’t be stopped or silenced until entering a security code from only authorized persons.

An integrated system where physical security is combined with smart modern technology offered from iHomeFuture is the only way you have peace of mind and to make sure that you are enjoying the highest level of security for your family and your workers.