Smart Climate

perfect temperature at your fingertips


Climate control as easy and flexible as it gets

Smart air condition to save electricity

Smart Home from iHomeFuture is integrating all pieces in your house, thanks to the Zwave wireless technology and the wide integration offered from FIBARO.

Now the air condition will find out if the windows are open or close, in case windows are open then the air condition can automatically switch off and notify you as well.

With the smart home from iHomefuture and FIBARO you do not have to worry about saving electricity as the house is configures to save your electricity and money.


No more worry about hot or cold

Your smart home from iHomefuture and FIBARO will automatically adjust the right climate for you.

You do not have to worry about cold or hot, the smart home will make sure that you always have the right temperature set for you.

You can also configure temperature per room to make sure that every member of the family is enjoying the climate that they desire.

Watch the air you breathe

Have you ever thought about the quality of air you breathe?

With the smart home from iHomeFuture you do not have to do that as the house will do that for you.

Our wireless sensors will check the CO level and the quality of air and notify you if they detect pollution in the air, thanks to our wireless FIBARO and Zwave senosr you will never have to worry about air quality again.

Additionally, the system can switch on the air condition if needed and even turn on ventilations or openĀ  windows to provide fresh air.

Your house will welcome you

The smart house from iHomeFuture and Fibaro will simply know if you are home or out.

If you are not home then the house will adjust temperature to save electricity and power, meanwhile it will get back the righ temeprature right before you arrive home.

Once you arrive you will find the house with the right climate without costing you a fortune, of course all of that is customizable and you can change the behaviour of the house any time you want.







Click and set the

Ideal temperature

Wherever you are – at work, on vacation or on a walk with children, you can manage the climate in your home using the FIBARO Home Center application. Adjust the optimal temperature to the needs of your family at any time of the year and save energy.