About Us

About Us

iHome is a leading home automation solution company, that mainly aims to spread the latest smart technology that best fits the MENA region.
We position our client as number one so we had customized many solutions to best fit our local & regional partners.
And from our deep understanding to our regional culture we have the most elegant and fancy solution that can best fit our client taste.
We have success partners from the top and most innovative manufacturers in the home automation industry.
We consider future ambassadors??? as we make our first objective is to bring the top technology in the world to our clients??? fingertips for we consider then family and we love to make sure our family is safe, secure comfortable wherever they are.


We promise providing the most unique home automation experience, which insure every family the highest level of security and safety in the easiest and friendly way. We are the future ambassadors for families??? comfort.


To spread the future technology of home safety and security with its luxurious taste to give them a real life experience of what the future will be like.

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