Perfect lighting in your home

Solution tailored specially to you

Gentle night light

With our smart solutions your kids will always feel relaxed at home, when they wake up in the evening to get a sip of water or to check on something, light will be gently turning on for them.

Configure the lighting during evening and night hours on 30% of intensity in parts of the house where you need it e.g. kids bedroom


True cinema experience

Movie night is always fun, whether with family or with friends.

Have you already prepared popcorn and you’re sitting comfortably? Use the Button to adjust the lighting and get ‘like in the movies’ vibe with just one tap from your couch.


Switch all lights off with one touch

Left home and forgot some light on, or you are still about to leave and some lights are still on.

Use the mobile app that comes with iHomeFuture smart home and with one click you can turn all lights off with only one touch.

May the light be with you

While wandering around in the evening and organizing the house we enter many rooms. Imagine that you don’t have to switch the light on and off constantly, but it follows you switching itself on in the room you’re entering. How convenient is that?!

No more sleeping rituals any more

Used to check all doors and lights before you sleep, is this rituals becoming annoying then here is our role.

Prepare your house for the night – arming the alarm, switch off the lights in the entire house, without leaving your bed. Now sleep tight!







Manage your lighting

via smart phone

Comfortably and fast, without getting up from the couch and wandering around the house. Control the lighting in all rooms and in the garden using your phone.