Heiman Siren

Super high siren + explosion-flashing Strobe

  • Low power consumption.
  • High sound alarm.
  • High brightness strobe alarm.


When indoor sensors alarm, Smart Siren will make high decibel sound and flash alarm,

Timely and efficiently inform user about the alarm information.

Heiman Siren should work with smart gateway.

High decibel sounder, sound and flash alarm on the spot great deterrent!

Sound alarm up to 95 db.

High decibel sounder, sound and flash alarm, scared theft away, when something happens at home.

It works also when power is off.

It can keeps working for 4 hours,alarming last 5 minutes after power off.

Heiman smart siren can compatible with all kinds of ZigBee HA1.2 or Z-wave gateway after networking, user can setting through gateway, and ask the smart Siren work with ZigBee or Z-wave sensors connected directly.


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