Your home is in harmony with you

Solution especially tailored to fit you

Bedtime story in the smart way

Daily routine is extremely important for children. A smart home will help make your child sleepy in no time. The light in the children’s room, living room or bathroom will dim and finally, the playlist with lullabies will start playing. Everything in a scheduled time. After a bath or a fairy tale, the Button will make the light slowly fade out. This is a night mode at its finest.

Enjoy the lights

Feel safe as your child wakes up, once the sensors detects that the child is waking up then the magic can simply starts.

Lights will start coming up smoothly in the softest way, his favorite music can also start playing in a calming way, the RGB strip or the LED multi-color lamp can also start switching from color to color so he can see the rainbow moving in front of him or sees his favorite colors going in harmony, a nice good morning for the child will make him happy all the day and makes the family happy all their life.

Get the focus you need in a word

When you have a task in hand then you do not have the time to look away or even open the application on your mobile, with our smart solutions you do not have to do anything, just talk to the system.

Our systems are totally compatible and integrated with famous voice control from Alexa, Siri or Google.

You can order the system to do any scenario and get you in the mood so you can focus on the things that matter.

Nice time in the fresh air

Gather your friends and sit in the open air and start enjoying your life in the fresh air, your friends will appreciate and love the garden that suite your leisure time.

Lights will be colored for the night mode and right music will play, you will keep an eye on the inside of your house as well, since our sensors will keep you updated about any activity in the house.








Turn on the right mood

with one click

Whether you are in the bathroom, on the terrace, in the living room or in children’s room, a simple one click can set up the room to fit your current mood