Managing gates and roller blinds with no effort

Smart house that is ahead of weather

The weather can be tricky and unpredictable, sometimes the weather changes without any notice or introduction.

Thanks to the smart house from iHomeFuture and Fibaro, weather will be working with you as the house will not only detect weather changes but will also notify you and adapt with the new weather.

Thanks to the integration of the system and the Zwave technology sensors will detect weather change and close windows and blinds right away.

Control blinds without moving

With the smart house from iHomeFutre and FIBARO, you have everything under control from the comfort of your bed.

Our smart system powered from FIBARO is integrated with modern voice recognition technology, they can simply talk to Alexa or SIRI and get the blinds or curtains open or close.

With our smart house you can control everything while reading your favorite book or watching a movie.

Ventilation right when needed

With the smart home from iHomefuture and FIBARO the house will watch your air even when you are asleep.

Our smart FIBARO sensors with Zwave technology will always detect the if there is smoke in the air or that carbon oxide is getting higher levels, it will notify you and can always open the windows and ventilation to allow more fresh air in the room.

You can also configure more scenarios depending on the level of smoke and the time of the day.

Smart office for a smarter meeting

Smart office from iHomeFuture powered by Zwave and FIBARO is the future of any office with no hassles or waste of time or energy.

A smart meeting and conference room is a crucial part of any succesful meeting, saving time and setting the mode for the meeting.

Once you enter the meeting room the room can start meeting mode automatically, blinds can go down,lights will dim and the projector adjusts to start the presentation, no more waste of time.


A house well protected and secured

Heading to holidays or just going out and leaving the house in a rush can always be a stessful matter.

You keep wondering if you forget a window open or the garage doors were closed properly or not.

Thanks to the smart home technology offered by iHomeFuture you do not need to worry about that anymore.

You can close and arm all the systems with the push of a button or remotely using your mobile, you can relax knowing that the house will monitor all motions and all gates or windows and take the proper action if someone tries to mess with your house.







All devices in one app

Manage gates and blinds at home or remotely in the most convenient way. With a click in the app adjust selected spaces or the entire house to your preferences.