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Technology Experts

When it comes to wireless home automation and smart city then iHomeFuture is the right expert.

We are the first company in the middle east to become a member in Zwave Alliance, our engineers and consultants are certified in many technology fields like Zwave, Security, CCTV, etc.

Business Partners

iHomeFuture business model is based on B2B partnership, we support other companies with training, support, products, etc.

We partner with smart home companies and help them to join the new era of wireless smart home and smart city and we provide them with different types of support as they go.

Global Reach

iHome Future is expanding vastly in terms of technology supported, global technology partners and countries supported.

Our offices and agents are covering most of the Middle east and Africa, we support technologies from many prviders worldwide.

Leader of wireless smart home and smart building

years in smart city development


Trained integrators and business partners

brands and technology partners


iHomeFuture supports the modern community by providing our partners with the recent technologies in wireless smart home and smart city from everywhere.


We strive to bring the smart technology in each building and each city, we wish to help in making each building (residential or commercial) and each city a smart building in a smart city.