One App is all you need


The new app for our smart home is the highest level of comfort and efficiency in smart home management everyone was waiting for.

The center of

your world

Intuitive dashboard straight forward from your mobile, making everything to know or control in your smart world is at your fingertips.

Our system will have one application to control all your house from, you do not need to switch among applications any more.

Years and years of Experience

We took advantage of many years experience and a team of experts to study and collect all your wishes in one app. We took all the wishes of our users and collaborated with a group of more than 1000 power users. Thanks your feedback and support, we have managed to outperform us with the new app.

Powerful single mobile app for our partners

The latest technologies were deployed and used to generate a simple interface that catches the eye, flexible as you need and performing much better than any app in the market


Faster app launch


Faster app download


Less phone battery usage


Faster remote access

World of colors as you may wish

FIBARO Home Center app works in three color versions – Silver Light, Light Blue and Dark Blue. Choose the color that suits you more, or use the bright version during the day and the dark one at evening to keep it very convenient to your eyes